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Crazy Train of Thought is a weekly show with raucous rants regarding video games, movies, and pop culture by a rotating multitude of misfits and miscreants. JOIN US for the funny side of pop culture. And facepalms. Lots of facepalms.Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Video Podcasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuCCHlDC5t729YajNdYggdg

December 13, 2019

Frozen VR Bananas

ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the only podcast on the internet based in Antarctica! Join host Ryan Wolf as he and Colin Giffy embark on a journey of reflection and self-assessment with Daniel Gutierrez. Just kidding. We actually spend the episode shitting on Frozen. See the full breakdown below.

The Giffy Bros play Switch (07:36)

Disney movies suck, according to Ryan (12:00)

Colin and his Oculus (18:50)

My Friend Pedro with Ryan (39:09)

Ryan preps for Game of the Year (48:38)

Newstime (51:00)

Daniel talks Riot Games’ new games (53:00)

More Loot Box Debacles in Rocket League (1:03:08)

Google Play presents Game of the Year 2019 (1:17:17)

New Fortnite/Star Wars mashup (1:19:30)

Ryan makes a very bold statement (1:25:45)

Ryan gets fired (1:26:36)

Jon Favreau talks Disney+ and Star Wars (1:27:24)

Disney+ gets a Star Wars game show, Ryan is stoked (1:34:31)

Dr. Disrespect, AKA streamer of the year gets TV show (1:39:54)

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Intro Music: “Departure” by Dan Fur



Promo: Did I Say Something Wrong



Outro Music: “What We Think vs What We Know” by The Bad Dreamers


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