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December 11, 2019

GTFO: The Game, The Interview

ALL ABOARD for The Idiot Savants Present: GTFO (the game) The Interview! Podcast host and aspiring video game journalist Ryan Wolf and Colin Giffy sit down with game developer Simon Viklund of 10 Chambers Collective to talk about their new game GTFO! Simon has some profound insight into the industry and some reasons why you might want to pay attention to GTFO (which is out now btw). Checkalook at our interview and don’t miss the video version of this interview on our Youtube channel!

00:02:46:18 Simon talks games that are too easy

00:07:36:00 GTFO’s potential audience

00:16:26:00 Procedural generation as a means of creation

00:17:41:50 GTFO will have bragging rights

00:37:18:59 Ryan asks about sound design

00:42:55:19 How GTFO is different from other cooperative games

00:51:09:58 10 Chambers Collective’s marketing budget

00:55:17:50 Console release/controller support

00:58:13:03 Biggest challenge making GTFO

01:00:35:47 Simon talks small-team game development difficulties

01:03:22:37 How GTFO is different from large studio releases

01:08:49:20 Campaign? Versus mode?

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Simon Viklund GTFO Video Interview:


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