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Crazy Train of Thought is a weekly show with raucous rants regarding video games, movies, and pop culture by a rotating multitude of misfits and miscreants. JOIN US for the funny side of pop culture. And facepalms. Lots of facepalms.Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for Video Podcasts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuCCHlDC5t729YajNdYggdg

December 19, 2019

Team Muppets

ALL ABOARD for Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the place you go for muppet-based entertainment! Host Ryan Wolf is live at Savant Studios and he is joined by trusty co-host Colin Giffy, Pokemaster Troy Osborn, and Mike “Ghostboy” Kenway! Check a look below at today’s topics:

Sekiro is not Game of the Year (07:15)

The Game Awards discussion commences (07:45)

In light of Death Stranding, are The Game Awards rigged? (09:50)

We discuss the Xbox Series X reveal (17:21)

Is Microsoft done with Backwards Compatibility? (26:58)

Mike remembers Enchanted Arms (29:05)

Ryan brings XCloud news (34:43)

The Wolf Among Us 2 (43:40)

Favorite part of The Game Awards (47:50)

Mike shits on Devolver Digital, Ryan plays defense (51:07)

Magic and Dungeons & Dragons are the same thing (58:33)

We shit on Stadia (01:03:45)

Amazon Game Studios’ New World (01:06:21)

Prologue is what, exactly? (01:08:43)

Sons of the Forest is a sequel (01:12:46)

Path of the Warrior looks really cool (01:13:43)

2009’s Game of the Year: Fast & Furious Crossroads (01:16:27)

Burger King has some surprising news (01:22:18)

We rank Star Wars (01:25:51)

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